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Name: Yosei Ikeda
Event: Epic Experience Challenge

About Me

The past couple years, I’ve developed this crazy notion that we humans haven’t yet tapped our full potential, both physically and cognitively, and it’s rapidly becoming a life goal to facilitate reaching that next level, whatever it may be. Telekinesis and mind control may be a few millennia away but even now, the human body has a pretty incredible list of abilities. I like to believe the current human is capable of 110 years of pain free existence and only outside factors are limiting that milestone. Cancer is one of those limiting factors. So there you have it: I’m here to push us humans toward a better existence. Proud to be part Adventure4Life! Keep calm and f*ck cancer!


For my adventure, I will be summiting Mt. Elbert, the second highest peak in the lower 48 at 14,439 ft., with my bike. I immediately bucketlisted the adventure ever since I discovered that it is in fact feasible. After hiking the peak in 2012 as a sort of scouting mission, I'm making this adventure happen for real in 2013. I will hike/descend the South Elbert trail on July 27th, weather permitting, with fellow adventurers, riders, and generally badass people, Matt Ripley, and Scott McLamb. With roughly 10 years of cycling experience apiece, not to mention Scott's veteran status for what I'm dubbing the Epic Elbert Enduro, we're confident that this trip will be a huge success, and an adventure for the books!


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