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Name: Laura Baker
Event: Epic Experience Challenge

About Me

The value of an adventure runs much deeper than the action itself.  During adventures we gain perspective, confidence, drive and compassion (for ourselves, others, the environment, etc.).  I can think of no group that will appreciate and honor these values more than cancer fighters and survivors.

I've accepted the challenge of adventuring for cancer fighters to honor so many friends and family members who have, and continue to, thrive through cancer every single day.  

I'll be representing Ethos Adventures on the #ADVENTURE4LIFE Team as I conquer the Ultimate California Adventure.  As Ethos Adventures specializes in combining multiple activities and challenges, between July 21-July 31, I will:

1) Surf in the Pacific Ocean

2) Bike 50 miles through the Redwoods

3) Practice Yoga on the Beach

4) Backpack 40 miles in the Sierras


5) Take on two unexpected/mystery activities (in true Ethos Adventures fashion)


I'll be posting location specifics, photos and debriefs as I move from one activity to the next on my blog here.

I'm so stoked to be a part of a team where all donations go directly to funding an Epic Experience camp!!  Together we can make this happen!



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